Established in 2005 by Stephen Collier, Stephen Collier Architects has the flexibility, capacity, and management experience to undertake a range of projects, from small houses and shops, to large-scale architecture, interior, urban-design and arts projects. Combining the skills and experience of a dedicated group of professionals, the foundation of the practice is its passionate adherence to design-led principles. Collier and his team strongly believe that all the projects they work on, regardless of their budget or scale, require the same intellectually rigorous process of discussion-led exploration. Emphasis is placed primarily on developing robust, trusting client relationships. This is achieved by ensuring all clients receive equal one-on-one time with head architect, Collier. The candid and open discussion that follows enables the practice to accurately clarify and respond to clients’ unique requirements and objectives. The result is creative solutions that not only stand up to intellectual analysis, but are also responsive to the circumstances of an oft-times evolving brief.


Stephen Collier Architects constantly test its ideas through the construction of architectural and urban models. This time-honoured approach requires a level of expertise that reveals the depth and breadth of Collier’s international experience and academic training. It enables the client to reap the benefits of being able to see the physical and spatial form of the work in three dimensions. The models are accompanied by a rigorous drawing and design methodology, which is used to further explore and develop concepts. This unique combination of professional methods ensures that all the projects undertaken by Stephen Collier Architects are tailored to clients’ specific criteria, and local and environmental conditions