House Culley Logan

Bathurst, Australia

Design Proposal

A site in the country    No site within the site    An idea of a place on the high ground   Hard to get materials to    Client x 2    Friends    6 months in their spare room    No set budget    Low cost    Three parts   The Golden Mean    A living room that sits apart   Pot belly stove    The idea of a shell    Close up    Open up at the corners and sides   Views framed    Right angles dissolve    Closes down at night    A room for sleeping   Proportionally smaller than the living module, ‘folds out’ to the east    Divides in 2    Mats on the floor    A wet room for bathing and the toilet    Proportionally smaller than the sleeping module    folds out to the south    An in-between space that connects    Simple skillion roofs join    Form a single faceted whole

house culley bathurst Bathurst House