Located in Sydney’s inner west, this proposal for the extension and reconfiguration of an existing building is driven by the specific character of the site. The building was previously a foundry before being converted to a residential property, and sits on a tight plot at the end of a leafy lane which runs parallel to a main thoroughfare. The proposal seeks to connect the interior of the building to the surroundings and make full use of the site. The angled walls of the 2 storey addition enable views through the entire building and allow visual connections with the mature trees surrounding the property. The angles are defined by the position of the sun in early morning and late afternoon, allowing light to be drawn deep into the building at times when it can be fully enjoyed by the inhabitants.


Connections with the exterior are further enhanced through a number of pivot and sliding doors which can open in a variety of configurations to create a series of continuous spaces across the site. The floor plan at ground level is flexible with main living spaces located in the northern portion of the building, while a study in the southern portion can be converted to a guest bedroom with it’s own wet area. At first floor level, a mezzanine serves as a secondary seating area and leads to the master bedroom, located on the first floor of the new addition. The main wall facing onto the public lane is retained as the face of the building, accentuating the transition from public street to private residence. The brick finish of the new portion is in keeping with the surroundings, reflecting the urban, unpretentious character of the area.


Stephen Collier


Jordan McIlroy
Paolo Stracchi