A lot of the work we do involves finding creative ways to make homes feel bigger on the inside but not appear bigger from the outside. This small single storey semi-detached is in an area where all first-floor additions have to be fully concealed behind the front street façade and where no increase to over-shadowing of neighbouring properties is permitted. We achieved this whilst doubling the interior floor space. The heritage details and pre-existing pink paint of the two front rooms of the house have been retained as well as the sandstock brick walls and windows at the rear. Within and over these rooms (2) new bedrooms, bathrooms (2), laundry, kitchen, living and dining room have been added. Two existing skylights in the front (old) section of the house have been retained and amplified to direct natural light into three separate rooms. ­Making the most-out-of-the-least is becoming a recurring mantra for us.




Stephen Collier


John Bohane
Yvette Ramsay
Juan Luis Cano Cano
Jackson Birrell


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