Office Roof Garden

Sydney, Australia

An expansive north-east-facing terrace on the podium of a suburban office park. Organised as a response to the overwhelmingly wide, flat surface of the terrace, two roof-shelters stretch out on each side like folded origami. Skeletal in form, their height and form respond to the ‘fractured’ surfaces of the mirrored-glass facades. They corral the open and exaggerated scale of the space, allowing a more intimate and contained place for people to mingle and rest. Twelve mature crepe myrtles in large, stainless steel boxes provide stalky, sculptural elements and a delicate canopy of foliage.

rooftop garden Office Roof Garden rooftop garden Office Roof Garden rooftop garden


Stephen Collier

ACOR Consulting
Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

MPA Interiors

Brett Boardman