“It has been refreshing for us to be able to work collaboratively with Stephen and his team, to have them understand the requirements of our organisation and to have been able to work on the various iterations of design planning in our own timeline. They have achieved this within the parameters of a very tight budget.  The end result of this has been a design that suits all of our needs, functionally, architecturally and financially.”

   – Daniel Potter, CEO, Shopfront Community Arts Centre


We are a prestigious design-led practice that operates with sensitivity, respect and professionalism towards all of our clients. We have worked around the world, learning along the way to be humble, open and inquisitive. Many of our clients are women, minorities and non-profits; reflecting the diversity of our society. Stephen Collier Architects is a small but successful firm that has grown on its own terms, working with clients as true collaborators.

We are good listeners. We are kind and curious and respectful. We understand that employing an architect can be a daunting task. We thrive when we empower our clients to choose good design that is liveable, sustainable and durable. We value the investment you make and work hard to ensure results exceed expectations. Each step of the way, we’ll help you understand what you’re looking for and shape the brief, to save time and money later. We’ll offer ideas and options so you can choose what to prioritise – speed, quality, affordability, durability, sustainability, liveability, resale value – at every decision point.


“I have known Stephen Collier for over 15 years. During this period of time I have had the great pleasure of working with his office on several significant state heritage-listed projects in NSW. I have also engaged him to renovate two of my own homes, the most recent being in Byron Hall which is a heritage-listed apartment building in Potts Point. I have the highest respect for Stephen Collier and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his office.”

Stephen Davies, Past Chair, NSW Heritage Council & Director, Urbis