The Flinders and South Dowling Streets crossroad is experienced fleetingly as a point of arrival into the city: a place between garden and city. When seen at the scale of the city the crossroad is but a pinpoint of opportunity. The project consists of two images; one for each billboard. They create an abstraction of this crossroad and its place as a point between garden and city. The position of the two billboards with respect to the each other, allowed us to play upon the way they are seen separately and sometimes in alignment. Extending this idea of the connected and disconnected nexus between garden and city. From certain vantage points the two boards are seen together. These change & shift as you arrive at the crossroad from different vantage points. The corners that make up the intersection await further architectural and urban definition. What should they be?


A collaboration between Collier, Neil Durbach, Rachel Neeson, Nick Murcutt and Marcus Trimble, the project was generously funded by Bluescope steel, through the Lysaght Scholarship which Collier was awarded in 2006.


Neil Durbach
Marcus Trimble
Rachel Neeson
Nick Murcutt


Brett Boardman