“Brilliant understanding of levels, location, views and innate spatial and structural acualities…subtle, understated overall, witty and sexy in parts.” 


Leon Van Schaik AO, Professor of Architecture, Innovation Chair, RMIT University


The Lavender Bay Boatshed consists of two 3 storey boatsheds that abut one another at the north-western edge of the bay. Built in the 19th century, they are the last remaining timber structures from the era in this part of Sydney Harbour. Pain-stakingly restored since 2008, they have been converted into a mix of commercial and residential units in the northern building and a 3 storey residential apartment in the southern building. The main apartment extends from the lower ground floor (where the harbour extends into the main bedroom under a glazed floor) to a height of three storeys. It is entered mid-level on the landward side via a steep and winding path. From here the large timber lined living room (evoking memories of being a small child under an upturned boat) opens out towards the city skyline. The existing timber structure, pulled and stretched out of shape over time, has been left visible. Large skylights have been inserted in the roof that frame views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and draw in sunlight. Conceived as a series of exquisite glazed insertions in the body of the building, they open up views of the different angles and forms of the original boat shed.


Stephen Collier


Justin Holly
Christen Meli
Jordan McIlroy
Andrew Southwood-Jones
David Janson


Mott Macdonald
Ruth Daniell
GSA Planning
GN Consulting


Building Partners Pty Ltd


2013 NSW Architecture Awards:
Commendation Residential Architecture

Commendation Heritage Architecture (Creative Adaption)


2013 World Architectural Festival



2012 Sydney Design Award for Residential Architecture